As I walked out of the Grand Theater on Johnston St. just after midnight, I checked my phone for any missed calls or text messages and noticed something different. It was something I usually only see when I'm traveling out of state, or even out of town in Baton Rouge or New Orleans. I saw the coveted letters L.T.E. in the top left hand corner of my iPhone 5.

But, fellow AT&T subscribers in Lafayette, LA: Did we really finally get 4G LTE speeds?

It's been almost an hour, and no one has taken it away yet, so I'm gonna go with "yes" as the answer to that question. I've seen a lot of people posting on Facebook that they noticed LTE popping up around Scott and Duson recently, and rumors of "testing" in the area before an official 4G LTE rollout easily lined up with that speculation.

Another possibility is that we are just riding off of New Iberia's 4G LTE Network coverage. According to this post by PC Mag, The Berry was on the list of markets expected to get the speedy service this summer. AT&T announced earlier this week that they plan to add 77 new markets by the end of summer, and cover 300 million people with LTE speeds by the end of 2014.

Of course, you gotta have an iPhone 5 to see "LTE" in the top left hand corner.

Do you have AT&T 4G LTE right now? Check your phone and let us know!