Guys and girls are different in so many ways. Here is just one more way we are different, especially when we are getting ready for the night. I've never really seen a female get ready for the night. All I do know is, if you tell your girlfriend/wife to be ready for 7 pm, she'll start getting ready at 5 pm. I usually just put on what ever fits and matches the best. If I'm not sure if it's clean, I usually smell it then put it on.

It usually takes me about 30 minutes total to get ready. Ladies, on the other hand, not so much! It takes an average of 60  to 75 minutes to get ready from start to finish. Not too bad. I will say this much, it's well worth the wait.

This video shows what happens when ladies ask their girlfriends to come over and get ready together! This is so funny and right on point, at least to some extent!