In case you haven't heard yet, we got Bin Laden. Also, if you haven't heard, I'm in Jamaica! I'm sure you're asking .. "What does that have to do with me Digital?"

Actually, it has a lot to do with you. I'm here now, and I'll be doing my show here live all week telling you about the 'Beaches' experience. Right now, we are giving you the chance to win a 'Beaches Luxury Included Vacation' every weekday in May. The winning on air, and online started today so hopefully you have already made it a point to LOCK your radio to Hot 107.9 and make your homepage!

So, Day 1 has been pretty awesome. I am staying at the Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club in Jamaica. My experience so far, described in one word would be 'accomodating'. Everywhere I turn, people are asking if I need something. They are offering me activities, asking about my stay so far and I've even made friends with a few of the employees. Last night I had dinner at The Venetian Terrace. There was a special menu including Surf N Turf (shrimp & filet), salad, mixed vegetables & dessert. The executive chef came out and personally gave us the evenings menu and it was delicious. Of course the real dessert was going back to my room and finding out that Bin Laden had been killed. America was going nuts, and I wanted to be there with a USA shirt on!

Right now, we are preparing to leave on a catamaran trip. (literally, check the pic below!) Hopefully I'll touch a dolphin and drink some spirits. I'll be sure to check in ASAP with more pics and vids. You guys should really make sure you get your name in the hat and enter now for your chance to win this luxury all-inclusive trip with 'Beaches' Resorts, sponsored by our friends at Sterling Automotive Group on Hot 107.9 !