Well it's my final day here in Jamaica at Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club, the all inclusive family vacation. I'm sad to go, but happy to get back to Lafayette and share my experiences with all of my friends and family, including all of you that listen to me everyday! Last night we had a farewell dinner that was TONS of fun. A specially prepared menu of Veal, potatoes and vegetables with salad and of course, dessert. Did I mention that there is plenty of food here? Before dinner, I spent the day doing what I planned on doing when I originally found out I would be coming out here. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I hit the beach and found my chair under an umbrella and didn't move for hours. With my work schedule between radio and DJng, I'm always doing "something" - so for once, I said I'm doing "nothing" … and nothing I did ! Even when it rained, I had plenty of shelter under my big umbrella, and didn't move a muscle. I watched people ride the beach tricycle in the water. I watched others take a ride on the banana boat. Some decided to kayak. There are so many activities and water sports, and it's all included in your package when you book your vacation at a Beaches Resort.

You can easily be here too. Just listen for the Q to call and also make sure you enter at www.1079ishot.com for a chance to win an all inclusive luxury vacation to a Beaches Resort of your choice thanks to Sterling Automotive on Hot 107.9!

After spending a few days here, I definitely will be back. The service here and the genuine vibe has made this one of my favorite vacations EVER. Even though with the live broadcast and interviews I was technically "working", if this was "work" then sign me up for overtime! I'll never forget the staff, from Ms. Ruth on down, everyone has really made it feel like I never left Louisiana. I can't say enough about the hospitality here. Speaking of which, they are knocking at the door now to take my luggage. My shuttle to the airport leaves in a few minutes, so I will see you back at home but until then, check out a few of my pics from the beach yesterday and the farewell party last night.

Yeah mon.