Rapper Flo Rida dropped the video for his highly anticipated single, 'Can't Believe It' earlier today. The video features Pitbull, who provides a guest verse on the track, along with copious amounts of booty from your industry standard video girls. The video is definitely attention-grabbing to say the least, but producer/DJ Diplo is none too happy about the visual, saying it's a straight rip off of the concept for one of his videos.

Diplo tweeted at Flo Rida, accusing him of ripping off the music video for 'Butter's Theme' on the new 'Can't Believe It' video. The Mad Decent head honcho is none to pleased about the bite, and made it clear in a series of tweets.



Videos with butts galore have been a staple since the days of Sir Mix-A-Lot and 2-Live Crew, but Diplo may actually have a case being that the concept of Flo Rida's visuals in 'Can't Believe It' are VERY similar to those in Diplo's 'Butter's Theme' video. To make things worse for Flo is that even though he was granted permission to use it, many are calling him "unoriginal" for sampling Infinity Ink's underground hit 'Infinity.'

Do you think Flo Rida ripped off Diplo? Check out the videos and tell us what you think!

Flo Rida - Can't Believe It (feat. Pitbull)

Diplo - Butter's Theme (feat. Gents & Jawns)