Lets take a trip into the past when we had these things called Tickets. Oh you remember those paper things that let you in to your favorite amusement park.   Well that was so last year . lol .  Disney now has the latest and greatest technology to track your every move it's called ... Wait for it ....  Wait for it ...   "MagicBands" BAM!!! and not the kind that make her dance.lol

"MagicBands can  be encoded with all sorts of personal details, allowing for more personalized interaction with Disney employees.," notes the Times. "Before, the employee playing Cinderella could say hello only in a general way. Now — if parents opt in — hidden sensors will read MagicBand data, providing information needed for a personalized greeting: 'Hi, Angie,' the character might say without prompting. 'I understand it's your birthday.'"  USA TODAY reports

Kind of creepy or not ?  Not sure what to think about this . One good thing, If you lose your child he or she can be found in seconds.