A Family Dollar store manager was fired after he confronted alleged shoplifters—spraying one woman with a can of Febreze that she stole.


Gavyn Edlinger is at the center of a video gone viral after taking matters into his own hands when he says two women tried to make off with a bag of stolen merchandise from his store in Saginaw, Michigan.

They weren't really buying anything so eventually, I asked them to leave the store as they were acting very suspiciously,

Edlinger says he called 911, and when the police didn't show up, he decided to take matters into his own hands. What happened next was an explosive confrontation that quickly got heated and ultimately ended up costing Edlinger his job once video footage of the incident went viral.

The climax of the video shows the store manager spraying a woman with a can of Febreze that she allegedly stole, amongst other items.

WNEM reports that both 911 and the Saginaw Police say they have no record of a call from Edlinger, but a representative from the department said in most cases the retailer should come to the police department and fill out a report—at which point it is passed on to the prosecutor for possible charges.

The former Family Dollar manager says he tried to reach out to the man who recorded the video (YouTube user Don Blessed Ready) to have him take it down, but after getting no response he decided he would just "own it."

Within a week of the incident the video had quickly gone viral and as a result, Edlinger—who had hopes of moving up the corporate ladder with the company—was fired from his job.

Personally, I believe the situation could have been handled differently, but the fact that Gavyn chased these shoplifters over something that most managers in his position would have just shrugged off says a lot about the pride he had in his store.

Could there be a job opportunity with Febreze in his future? Check out his interview below.