The city of Lafayette has invested a lot in revitalizing the Downtown Lafayette Entertainment District. In recent years we have seen better lighting, better road ways, and several other eye catching improvements. However, a recent rash of graffiti symbols and portraits seems to be undermining the efforts of the city in this particular district. In a recent news report on KLFY-TV, local business people in the downtown district have expressed their concerns about this eye sore in the district. In the report, councilman Kenneth Boudreaux said in order for all of this stop, it will take a community wide effort to end this practice. While the city may be asking for it's citizen's to identify the culprits, we ask, who is responsible for cleaning up the "markings" that are left behind?

While many in the district have taken it upon themselves to do just that, others are asking for the city to assist in the clean-up process. Ultimatley, who is responsible for going back and removing the graffiti once it has been marked? According to sources in the district, business owners are being told by the city that if they do NOT clean-up the graffiti on their buildings, they will be fined as long as it is up.

With that said, who do you think should be responsible for keeping the downtown district clean and graffiti-free? Discuss HERE!!!