Drake hosted the 2014 ESPYs and flexed his entire skill set of acting, comedy and rapping. He even found time to fire shots at Macklemore.

During his performance of 'Honorable Mention' Drake serenaded the losers of the past year—letting them know that even though they didn't win the big game, everything was going to be OK.

Even though the song was a spoof, real shots were fired when Drizzy rapped, "Real talent doesn't always win championships, like real music doesn't always win Grammys" as a huge image of Macklemore appeared on the big screen behind him.


The evening was full of lighthearted jokes and fun-poking, but it's hard not to think he was being serious about that particular line. Let's not forget, Drake has already called the Seattle rapper 'wack' for his public apology to Kendrick Lamar after beating him out for a Grammy.

I mean, technically, Drake is only echoing what Macklemore said about himself.

But the Young Money rapper didn't stop there. He continued to turn up the awkward in the room during his trio of songs with a Brian McKnight-aided performance of 'Side Pieces'— a track that honored the groupies that many male athletes and celebrities are infamously known for having.

I'm sure this got particularly awkward for those at the event with their significant others who may have had their side pieces in attendance as well.

One time for the cheap seats, right?