We have all heard Drake say 'Started From The Bottom,' but did you know he LITERALLY started from the "bottom?" Well, maybe not figuratively speaking (being that his childhood living conditions were anything but deprived) but he literally grew up in the basement, at the "bottom" of his mom's Forest Hill crib in central Toronto.

A clip from Drake's Degrassi days has resurfaced, and shows a young Aubrey Graham giving a tour of his mom's house back in 2004. He may have driven up to the same house driving a Bentley in the 'Started From The Bottom' video, but here we see Drake pushing an 04 Acura TSS. We also meet his grandmother, and his mom Sandi.

And before you haters take shots at 2004 Drizzy, even though Drake may still live at his mom's crib, he has the WHOLE basement to himself. It's pretty dope to see that even though Drake's primary focus was acting at the time, the drawers filled with rap notebooks were a clear sign of his true passion.

We missed a very important thing, I write songs. I do music

He even spits a few bars. Check out the cool clip of Drake's childhood digs in the video above and tell us if you think Drake really "started from the bottom" in the comments below!