Earlier this week Nik Richie, owner of TheDirty.com, led a crusade to drag Drew Brees' name through the mud after a receipt showing an alleged tip of $3.00 from the New Orleans Saints QB on a $74 bill from Del Mar Rendezvous was posted to his website. We still can't determine the authenticity of this receipt, or if Drew even ordered from the restaurant; but the Brees haters may have jumped the shark on this one.

By looking at the receipt below, one could assume that Drew Brees

  • Went to Del Mar Rendezvous in Del Mar, CA on July 9, 2013
  • Was waited on by someone named Carissa
  • Ordered $74.41 worth of food and/or drinks
  • Paid with his American Express Card
  • Left a tip of only $3.00, which is less than 5%
The Dirty

Bad tipping might be one of the easiest ways to spark outrage amongst people, both on and offline. The only things more un-American than a bad tip might be burning the nation's flag, then urinating on it to put it out all while denouncing your support for the troops. It's THAT serious, and when the bad tip comes from someone who is more than able to tip properly, (like people worth $100 million) it's even worse.

So, by looking at what was posted at face value, I can totally understand why people would flip out. Even if the service was terrible, it's still hard for someone with Brees' salary to catch a break when he sends a message by tipping three bucks on a $74 bill.

Except, that assumed scenario at "face value" is probably not the likely scenario at all.

Unlike Nik Richie's website The Dirty, the folks over at The Blaze decided to call up the restaurant and ended up speaking to the manager of Del Mar Rendezvous, Dan Schreiber who said the receipt (who he wouldn't even verify as belonging to the same Drew Brees we're all thinking about) actually came from a take-out order.

Check out this letter written by the Del Mar Rendezvous manager to clear up the situation.

Yes, a take-out order. So if indeed it was the Drew Brees, he called in an order and picked up $74.41 worth of food himself and still threw a few dollars to the person who bagged up his food. Someone saw the receipt, and couldn't resist the temptation to kickstart a silly rumor about Brees being a "cheap bastard."

I just can say that if this was an authentic receipt, just looking at it, I can tell it’s take-out order and that that would be a generous tip.

If you're still calling Drew cheap, then every time you pick up take-out or hit up the drive-thru at your favorite fast food joint you must always tip 20%, right? That's what I thought. Drew hasn't addressed the situation personally, but that's understandable because he's busy with training camp and practicing throwing touchdowns on the teams of his internet haters.

UPDATE: Shortly after this story was published, Drew actually addressed it via Twitter


So there you have it. I think the internet - especially Nik Richie - owes Drew an apology.

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