Move over Brett Favre, Drew Brees is the new Wrangler man in town.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was unveiled today as the new Wrangler spokesperson. Brees will join Dale Earnhardt Jr. and fellow qb Brett Favre as Wrangler endorsers with a marketing campaign expected to launch in August 2013.

It's no wonder why Wrangler would want to team up with the 2009 Super Bowl champ. The guy is like a touchdown throwing super hero walking among us.

Both on and off the field, Drew has proven himself to be a determined, down-to-earth man that many people look up to and respect. His dependability, work ethic and family values make him a natural fit for Wrangler. He epitomizes the core values of our brand, and we look forward to cheering him on during the 2013 season and beyond. - Craig Errington, Vice President of Wrangler marketing.

However, we Saints fans don't know exactly how to feel about this latest career move for Brees. We were cool with his Pepsi commercials with One Direction, and we didn't mind his Niquil stuff, but being the Wrangler star didn't exactly work out well for Brett Favre (camera phone), and considering the $100 million contract Drew signed with the Saints last year, we know he isn't exactly hurting for the cash.

Check out Drew's introduction video as the newest edition to the Wrangler team and tell us what you think about the Saints all pro quarterback joining up with Wrangler.