I've seen tons of great reviews on social media about the drive-thru Christmas lights in Gonzales at Lamar Dixon Expo Center called Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland.

So what is it exactly? It's over two miles of custom made displays synched to music played over your car radio in perfect synchronization.

One of the highlights is the "12 Days of Christmas" like you've never seen it before, featuring custom built, giant, all-LED displays.

See for yourself what Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland is all about.

If you haven't been and want to see what the fuss is all about, pack your patience, especially if you go on the weekend. From all accounts, the lines can get pretty long.

And it'll set you back $25 per car. It's open seven days a week starting at dusk until 10pm (later on the weekends).

To learn more, visit ShadrackChristmas.com.