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If your even reading this right now, you must think your man is cheating. Maybe you think he might cheat in the future, or your just curious to see how it works. It a antibiotic called Minocycline It's apparently man kryptonite, and it takes away a mans inability to think a woman is attractive.(yeah right) There is no amount of Minocycline that can do that to a man, but studies show that what I'm saying is not true.


The Stir reports: a study, done in Japan, found that when shown photos of pretty women, men given the antibiotic rated them as less attractive than men who weren't on the drug did. The men taking the antibiotic were also less likely to rate the babes as "trustworthy." Ergo, say scientists, this means men on that medication in real life would be less likely to be seduced by beautiful women.

I would love to see this study. What pictures did they show these guys? Were these girls ugly. You mean to tell me that if they showed these guys a pic of Mila Kunis, they would go... "She's alright ... I guess"? PLEASE!

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If this drug really did exist, a lot of women would be slipping this into their husbands coffee in the morning. You would see an increase of males out on the town and hanging out with their wives sisters. LOL!  Lets just hope for the sake of man kind this drug is a fluke.

Ladies seriously if you have to give your man this drug, all love is lost and you shouldn't be with the man your with. js

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