All kids cry when they see the Easter bunny at the mall, but this baby has every reason to cry... after the Easter bunny drops it.

It's not even Easter yet and the Easter bunny is already dropping babies and making them cry. All together now, "poor sha baby!"

I'm not going to lie, the Easter bunny is scary to little kids, and for good reason. The mall rabbit is freaky looking. Seriously, have you ever seen a mall rabbit, aka the Easter bunny, that looked friendly?

They're huge, they have hollow eyes and look human, and are not very inviting. Some just flat out look creepy. As an adult, that mall rabbit freaks me out to this day.

Take my advice mall people and put a fenced in area with real fluffy bunnies in it, and take pictures that way. Trust me, the kids will walk away with a much better experience than that horrid mall rabbit.

This little baby is going to be scared of Easter bunnies the rest of her life. Actually, the baby might want to thank this Easter bunny, because it won't have to go through this torture every Easter. Do you agree?

Can you imagine telling the baby's little brother this:

By the way, the Easter bunny that just dropped your sister on her head is going to sneak in our house and give you candy!


That poor kid will never fall asleep the night before Easter ever again!

Just a heads up - Easter is April 20th this year. I'm sure we'll see more videos like this pop up before then. Just glad the baby is ok. : )