An 8-year-old boy finds a $20 and pays it forward to a U.S. soldier.

Lt. Col. Frank Dailey still can't believe what an 8 year-old did for him. According to  CBS News Lt. Dailey said:

"It's incredible being recognized in such a manner,"

Myles Eckert, only 8 years old, found a $20 bill in the parking of a Cracker Barrel in Toledo, Ohio.

He then asked himself what he should do with the money, buy a new toy, maybe a new video game?

Instead, Myles wanted to pay it forward when he saw Lt. Dailey in Cracker Barrel. Myles even wrote Lt. Dailey a note to go along with the $20.


What Lt. Dailey didn't know is that 8-year-old Myles lost his daddy, Army Sgt. Andy Eckert in Iraq just five weeks after he was born.

After they left Cracker Barrel, Myles wanted to go see his dad's grave site and tell him what he did, like any proud son.

Lt. Dailey said he has already payed forward the $20 but plans on keeping the note forever.

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