All of us have done something wrong in school that could have called for a detention or even worse, a suspension. What if a student actually acts responsibly? You might say this deed deserves praise, maybe even an award. WRONG. 17-year old Erin Cox was suspended from North Andover High School in Massachusetts for driving her intoxicated friend a ride home from a party.Erin received a phone call from her tipsy friend, asking for a ride home. She arrived at the party, searched through the drunken crowds and found her friend. While she was shuffling her friend to the car, police arrived and began arresting and slapping out summons to those in violation. Erin was not arrested, nor was she issued a summons. The police at the scene applauded her responsible behavior. North Andover High School did not respond so kindly to Erin's' responsible nature.

Instead, Erin was punished because of the school's strict policy on drugs and alcohol. The school has also removed her title as captain of the volleyball team and she is not allowed to play for five games. Erin's mother, Eleanor Cox, had fought to lift the suspension through the district court, but the court has no jurisdiction. Erin paid a hefty price for possibly saving a friend's life. North Andover High School's punishments may have scared future students from doing the same.