Growing up, I was very fortunate that it was only my mother and me, especially after watching this new show on TLC called 'Extreme Cheapskates.' In the first episode you  meet a family that shares the same bath water and wipes their butts with free newspaper. Its completely unsanitary and just straight up nasty. After watching this all I want to do is shower over and over again. This family is so cheap they even measure the amount of soap they will use in a month, and if they use it all up, they have to wait till the next month before they can use soap again. Oh wait, it gets worse. The mother goes around the neighborhood looking for old newspapers to use as toilet paper, then after they wipe they have to put the used poo poo paper in a plastic bag and wait to throw it out when it gets filled. Ahhhhhhhhh so nasty!

Please watch this video before you eat.