Facebook seems to have connected so many of us in recent years, and one young man recently used the social media site to his advantage when it came time to asking for someone to bail him out of jail!!

Last Saturday, cops in a Boston suburb broke up an underage party and arrested 19-year-old David White.  David tried calling people to come bail him out, but no one picked up. So, he asked police if he could go to Facebook and plea for anyone to come to his aide. Police gave him permission to use the social media site, and someone actually responded to his plea.

White posted on his wall that he needed someone to come bail him out of jail, yes he blasted himself, and soon a friend showed up with $40 to get him out of jail. Police say they aren't certain, but this may be the first time anyone used FACEBOOK to ask for help while incarcerated.

If you got arrested and could not reach anyone to bail you out, would you resort to posting on FACEBOOK that you were locked-up and need someone to bring bail money? I guess it can't hurt, right? In the world we live in these days, everyone will find out of your misfortune sooner than later.

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