Did you ever post something on Facebook that you didn't mean to, and then hurried to deleted it?  No harm is done, your picture/post was taken down before anyone could see, so your in the clear.  If this is the standard you live by, throw it out of your mind immediately.  It doesn't matter what you put up or take down, Facebook has and knows ALL!It's not just your pictures, Facebook is able to gather almost anything you shared and present it.  Don't worry they will only do it if you are in trouble with the law and if they get a subpoena.

Just to give you a couple of pictures, it always starts off with a lot of paperwork.


And they can't forget about that mean post you said about your parents......plus that dirty picture you shared with all of your friends!


WAIT you have a TON of friends?  Let's find out who they are and where they are from(Ex Boyfriends & Girlfriends are included).


Don't forget about that embarrassing senior trip to Cancun last summer...'Mom dad, there is something I need to tell you!'


You might think that your never being tracked down, but someone is ALWAYS watching!  If you click someones profile, look at a picture, comment on a status, or simply log in...the social media site will know.  Now that that the truth has been revealed, are you going to stay on Facebook? Let's us know below!


Photos via Buzzfeed.