We are often very critical of Facebook, but the social media site may have just saved this guy's marriage. The guy in this photo, which was posted on Facebook, apparently cheated on his wife and she gave him the challenge to get 10,000 "Likes" on the social media site. If he got the amount of "Likes" she set, then she'd stay with him and attempt to save the marriage.

Ivan Lewis in North Carolina listened to his wife, for once, and posted this photo on his Facebook. Not only did Mr. Lewis reach 10,000 "Likes" he actually surpassed 14,000 on the site.

According to some of the Facebook comments, the marriage has been on the "rocks" for a couple of years now, but perhaps Facebook can save them. Ivan posted a thank you to everyone who liked the photo and said, quote, "I'm not going to stop until I get her back."

Would you ever admit to cheating on Facebook if it meant saving your marriage, or would you just go on with life and not blast yourself on social media?