Just when you finally got used to the latest Facebook News Feed design, they're changing it again. Facebook announced it's newly designed News Feed feature today, and according to the social media powerhouse, you can look forward to less clutter and more visuals.

News Feed was introduced six years ago, and it has been two years since any major design changes took place. One of the coolest things about the new design overhaul is that Facebook will give you the option to see specific content in exclusive news feeds. For example, by selecting "Photos" in the drop down News Feed will show you a timeline that only consists of the photos that your friends have recently uploaded to Facebook.

While it is true that Facebook seemingly changes their design more than we change our underwear (well, most of us anyway) I actually dig the concept behind this new News Feed design mainly because now Facebook will look the same on my smartphone, my computer and my tablet.

See the same clean look wherever you use Facebook — on mobile, tablet, or web.

As a result of News Feed also being larger so that its the only thing you see (in addition to the ads, of course) photos will appear more hi-res than they currently do at the moment. Sharing is different, too. Stories shared by multiple friends will be presented in better fashion, and content shared by other social networks like Twitter and Instagram will be better arranged.

The new design is scheduled to roll out today. Here are more details on the big change.

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