As of late, we have been hearing more and more about Soap Operas being taken off the air and/or canceled by major television networks. Many of the soap operas leaving television have been on for YEARS, yet why are fewer and fewer people tuning into them now? Well, Adweek may just have the answer as to why people just aren't interested in soap operas any longer.Demographic analysis suggests audiences may be shifting away from the programming to spend more time on Facebook games. Yes, Facebook is distracting many viewers away from television programming, and according to the study it is taking viewers away in a large amount. Apparently games such like FarmVille, which draws 47 million players each month, and CityVille , drawing 88 million, have had such an impact on people that they are dropping the remote and tuning into their games and challenges.

For me personally, I wish I had time to even learn these games, but that just has not happened. Still, I get your request to join in on the fun, but after reading this I'd hate for this to cut-in on my WWE-Time or Sportscenter-Time.