On November 5th, if all goes as planned by hacker group Anonymous, Facebook will fall. According to DVICE, the hackers are acting in response to Facebook's alleged selling of information to government agencies in order to spy on segments of the population. What will this mean? Chaos and pandemonium for certain, but what will the after-effects be?

Here's my list of how to recover after Facebook is destroyed.

1. Make sure you manage to get on Google+ before the end of the Facebook world

2. Learn your friends phone numbers so you can actually call and communicate again

3. Since it'll be November, the weather should be cool enough to take a walk in the park

4. Rent a movie (maybe 'The Social Network')

5. Wait until Facebook recovers and all is right with the world again (until December 21, 2012)

What would you do if Facebook suddenly stopped working? How would you continue through life?