So yesterday, the internet almost broke from the complaints and whining about the "new Facebook layout." When you have 750 million people using something, and it changes, chances are you will have a lot of folks complaining about a free service that that are in no way required to use the same thing.

But seriously, why all the changes? Come on Zuckerberg.. let us know!

Well, the thing is, Facebook is free. Facebook is worth a LOT of money. Facebook isn't trying to get more people to visit the site. Facebook isn't trying to run up the number of pageviews it gets. Right now, Facebook wants to be the end all, be all when it comes to social media.

Facebook’s goal is to become the social layer that supports, powers and connects every single piece of the web, no matter who or what it is or where it lives.

[via Mashable]

Today, Facebook will take a huge step in accomplishing just that.

A lot of folks complained about the three new significant changes that FB rolled out yesterday: revamped friends lists, the 'subscribe' button and the real-time news ticker up in the top right hand corner. Honestly, I like the new look and behavior, but I'm definitely not in the majority that seem to be crippled by this redesign.

I've got bad news for those folks. Facebook isn't done yet.

Our friends at Mashable were pre-briefed on what Facebook plans to unveil today at the F8 Developer's Conference and even though they can't disclose exactly what the big changes are, they say that it will "change the world of social media as we know it."

The Facebook you know and (don’t) love will be forever transformed. The news that will come out of Facebook during the next few weeks will be the biggest things to come out of the company since the launch of the Facebook Platform.

It's safe to say that just like relationships the "sizzle" between FB and it's 750 million users isn't what it used to be, not to mention there is another social platform looking to move in on what Facebook holds near and dear. According to people who are in on the big announcement, by the time you finish your dinner tonight, Facebook will be reborn and their competition will look ancient.

We shall see. Unless of course you don't plan on getting on Facebook anymore....

;) We thought so.

UPDATE: Check out what Zuckerberg revealed at the F8 Conference earlier today.

Not bad. Also, in the video below, you can check out Timeline, Facebook's new way to not only "let people know what you are doing right now", but "let them know where you have been."

Check out Facebook's new 'Timeline'

F8 Keynote Presentation