As Cardinals of the Catholic Religion prepare to elect a new pope, a man tried to sneak into secret talks Monday that are being held by the religious figures.

The impostor was identified by Italian news agency ANSA as Ralph Napierski. He is of German decent and said he was part of a non-existent Catholic institution called Corpus Dei. The phony bishop had a costume on when he arrived at the Vatican with an entourage of fake clerics. Sounds like there was a lot of planning in this hoax. And to make matters worse, the phony bishop was able to even pose for photos with a real cardinal!!!

Napierski made it past one level of security, but he was later stopped outside the Sistine Chapel. Since this story broke, the Vatican has been scrambling to fix it's security measures in the the days and efforts leading into electing a new pope.

The fake bishop told those looking on that his name was Basilius and that he was a bishop in the Italian Orthodox Church, which does not exist. Yes, he was that convincing. However, his efforts to enter into the meeting where preparations are underway to elect a new pope failed short and he was not admitted into this very secretive process.

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