What happens when you ask teenagers what was the best inventions within the last 25 years, well you get answer you should expect from them. Yes, teens have stated that they believe the "fake tan" is one of the best inventions within the last 25 years!!! In addition to that, there were several other "necessities" making the list here.

Aside from the fake tan, The iPhone was named best invention with Apple Mac coming in second and social media - such as Facebook and Twitter - being ranked third. Notice, you don't see any medical or scientific research or breakthroughs here, but did you expect any of that to be at the top of this list when teens were quizzed?

Most of what has made the list here are viewed as "necessities" by teens, and are viewed as not being able to do without. Still, we are in the 21st century, and I wouldn't expect anything else to make the top of the list. Wait, didn't they recently find a vaccine for HIV or something like that???