If ever you wanted to have as many followers of the social site Twitter as your favorite artist, actor/actress, or athlete now you can. The catch, you may have to either become just as famous as they are or you can now BUY your followers.

In a recent post, we highlighted that singer Justin Bieber has nearly 17 million fake followers of Twitter. Could artists be using this tool to enhance their popularity, probably so. The more followers artists have, the better it looks on their "virtual resume" to have their product exposed on various media outlets.

So where and how do you purchase fake followers? According to the The New York Times, selling of Twitter followers has the potential to become a $360 million business. Yes, that many people are desperate to have "friends," or in Twitter's case "Likes," in our society.

Italian security researchers Andrea Stroppa and Carlo De Micheli told the Times that the average price for a thousand followers is about $18. Yes, for less that $20 you can add 1000 "Likes" to your Twitter following.The cheapest site, Fiveer, will get you 1,000 followers for $5!!!

As you may expect, when you buy followers for Twitter, most of them are fake, thus you never get a response, favorite, or re-tweet from them. But in any case, the "fakes" show-up on your Twitter "resume" and it just makes you look either really cool or really popular. We should note, of all social media site, Twitter is the one fighting back the most or the hardest to combat spam and fake user accounts.

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