When I read the headline, I thought to myself "deja vu." On the same day that the memorial service for Shannon Stone was held, fellow MLB fan Keith Carmickle almost plunged to his death during the Home Run Derby. Who is Shannon Stone you ask?

Shannon Stone is the 39-year-old fan who died last week while reaching for a ball at Texas Stadium. Keith Carmickle obviously didn't learn from Stone's mishap as he nearly fell 20 feet into a pool deck below. Carmickle was seated in a small area above the right field fence. He and his group had already snagged 3 home run balls and still wanted more.

Going for a home run ball hit by Milwaukee's Prince Fielder, Carmickle jumped up onto a table and reached down to grab the ball. The ball hit several feet below Carmickle's reach but his momentum carried him forward and headfirst over a very short railing at the back of the table.

Lucky for Carmickle he was saved by his friend Aaron Nelson grabbed his legs and his brother Kraig grabbed him around his arms. He dangled for a moment while cameras caught his near-fall before being pulled back up into his seat while the crowds below and above gasped in fear. But, Keith and his family and friends didn't see the near death experience as much of a big deal as they joked and high-fived each other, reliving the moment with fans and a cameraman who caught his mishap on film.

When asked about what he was thinking while dangling Keith said

I thought: I've lived a good life.

Carmickle and his posse were allowed to remain at the game, after security personnel briefly spoke with them about the incident.

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