Tiger Woods struggled in the last major tournament of the year, The PGA Tournament, but the talk on social media wasn't so much about his performance on the course more than it was of when someone in the gallery screamed out "mash potatoes" while he drove the ball off the tee.

You'll often hear fans scream out things after golfers hit the ball, but never have I heard anyone scream out "mash potatoes" at a golf tournament until this past weekend. While Tiger was teeing off on one of the holes at the recent PGA Tournament, a heckler in the crowd screamed "mash potatoes" just as Tiger hit the ball.

Luckily for Tiger, the fan timed the hit just right, but for other golfers they were not so lucky. The same heckler caused a few other golfers to stop their swing midway through, and other golfers cited the same person for sub-par golf shots during the tournament. This "prank" reminded me of one of my favorite golfing movies of all-time, "Happy Gilmore!!"