Let's face it, the reason he's called Fat Joe was because he was...fat. I'm not sure if it bothered him before, but after losing seven friends all in their 30's to heart attacks in one year, something clicked that said, it's time to change his name by shedding over 80 pounds. According to Joe in a recent interview with the New York Daily News, he cut out the fast food and replaced those meals with smaller portions of healthier food choices and two-hour cardio and weight training sessions. He hasn't actually considered changing his name to Skinny Joe or other variations, but that hasn't stopped others from suggesting alternate names including Joey Flaco (Spanish for thin). He did consider asking Diddy what his new name should be.

Check out Joe in a recent interview.

Congrats to Fat Joe for taking care of himself so he can be around longer for his family and friends as well as fans.

Do you think Fat Joe should change his name if he loses enough weight or will he always be 'Fat Joe'?