I have never had the experience of waiting on a child of my own to be born, but thanks to Facebook, anytime a friend or loved one has had a baby, it felt like I was actually there! When it's go time, labor can be a lengthy process, and mommies & daddies-to-be know alllllllll about 'the waiting game.' Call it delirium, creativity, or a combination of the two, but one father dropped the coldest hospital maternity ward freestyle rhyme of all time; OVER THE BEEPS OF A FETAL HEART MONITOR!

So we chillin in the labor and delivery room in Aviano Italy AB waiting for my baby boy to be born when the heart monitoring machine kept acting up.

[via youngcholy1 YouTube]

When you hear this, you will laugh; and even if you don't have a sense of humor, his rhymes will be stuck in your head for a while, lol. Move over Jay Z, there is a new 'father-to-baby' rap that is about to take the world by storm!

Fetal Heart Monitor Freestyle Rap

BONUS: Someone already hit it up with a REMIX! Check it out here!