Justin Ross Harris is facing charges of felony murder and child cruelty after leaving his son in a hot car all day to die.

New details have surfaced as prosecutors put together a case portraying Harris as an unfaithful husband who wanted to live a "child-free" life. A detective revealed that the Georgia man "sexted" six women throughout the day at work while his 22-month-old son, Cooper, was dying in the vehicle outside.

Even more disturbing is that one of the women he messaged and exchanged nude photos with that day was only 16 years old at the time.

Back on June 18 the 33-year-old father strapped his son in the carseat after a visit to Chik-fil-A and would leave him there to bake for over seven hours in an overheated SUV as temperatures soared past 90 degrees.

The boy was pronounced dead in parking lot not far from his father's place of employment.

Prosecutors say that even after forgetting about his son Harris received an email from the boy's daycare that day and even went out to the SUV to place lightbulbs inside, but didn't bother to stick his head inside of the vehicle.

He knew what he was going to find.

Harris and his wife had two insurance policies on Cooper—one for $25,000 and another for $2,000. According to search warrant affidavits, he had allegedly given family members instructions on what they needed to do to collect the $27,000 from his son's insurance policies, though documents don't reveal exactly when he gave them those instructions.

According to witnesses, when Leanna went to the daycare to pick up Cooper and they informed her that he had never been dropped off, her immediate reply was "Ross must have left him in the car."

During an interview with police Harris and his wife, Leanna, both said that their worst fear was leaving their child in a hot car. Also while in the interview room Leanna asked her husband what he said to the police, at one point specifically asking if he said "too much."

All this new information—in addition to initial details surrounding the case (internet searches on how long it would take a child to die in a hot car, the fact that Harris never actually called 911 once he discovered his son was dead, etc.)—was laid out in a probable cause hearing that lasted for three hours.

As the hearing concluded, Cobb County Judge Frank R. Cox found probable cause for the case against Harris to advance with respect to felony murder and child cruelty charges. Harris, who pleaded not guilty, was denied bond due to the fact that this is a possible death penalty case, according to the judge.

For more information and videos of Harris' probable cause case can be seen here.