While we are all excited that football is back, we cannot deny the fact that many of us are just as excited for the tailgating that comes with football season. Whether you walk the grounds of Cajun Filed or Tiger Stadium on Game Day, one thing is certain, you will see just how creative tailgaters are, and you will smell some of the best food ever cooking at most tailgate sites. Askmen recently posted a list of Great Tailgate Foods, and it goes without saying that everything on the list has once been on the menu at any tailgate party you may have attended. According to the article in the magazine, here are a few of the essentials for your next tailgate extravaganza.


1. Chili

2. Potato Salad

3. Chicken Wings

4. Quesadillas

5. Shish Kabobs (Chicken or Steak)

6. Tomato Salsa

7. Cheesy Bean Dip

8. Chipotle Yogurt Dip

Now, while I may agree with most on this list, I think those that were part in this survey have never tailgated in South Louisiana. These folks have never spent a Saturday in Lafayette or Baton Rouge on Game Day. A few essentials I think that they left off of the list are as follows.

1. Fried Turkey

2. A Cochon De Lait

3. Jambalya

4. BBQ Pork Ribs

5. Corn Maque Choux

6. Gumbo

7. "A Sauce"

8. The Keg (Bud Light)