This morning on the show I talked about how Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) has voted to raise parking fees as of November 1st of 2012. Those who park in Lafayette where meters "police" your stay, will have to dig a little bit deeper into the change drawer as rates are on the rise.

The cost of a typical two-hour meter went from 60 cents to $1, and the cost of a one-hour meter went from 40 cents to 60 cents, a half-hour meter increased by a dime, from 25 cents to 35 cents. With the increase in rates at the meter, LCG estimates that an additional $42,000 will brought in for the fiscal year.

While I understand that the cost of everything may be on the rise these days, I hope that the fine folks at LCG use the additional funds in the right places. As I stated on-air this morning, it breaks my heart to see people at a bus stop in Lafayette with no overheard shelter. Too often I see elderly people standing in the rain or under the blistering summer sun while waiting on the public transportation bus. I really do hope that LCG considers using the additional funds it will get from the meters to provide benches, with shelter, at some of the busiest bus stops in Lafayette.

In any case, you may want to now keep more change in the car now that the rates are on the rise at parking meters, and whatever you do, do not risk it!! They are coming.