It is not the first of its kind, but another female athlete hopes to lace up her cleats and join an NCAA Men's Football team. This time, it comes from a school just down the road, at LSU. Yes, a member of the LSU Women's Soccer Team hopes to join the LSU Football Team next spring.Mo Isom is a goalkeeper in her fourth season with the soccer team. But Isom, who is six feet tall, worked out with the football team on Monday, practicing kickoffs and field goals. Though she may be senior, she would still have one year left of eligibility to play an NCAA sport.

According to sources, the coaching staff at LSU has all intentions to let the soccer star compete for a position on the team next spring. If Isom would make the team next year, she would not be the first female to join an NCAA football program. That honor belongs to Katie Hnida. In 2003, she became the first woman to kick for an NCAA Division I-A football team, participating in one regular season game and in the Las Vegas Bowl as part of the University of New Mexico program.

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