In the happiest ending to an over-milked story, the female Bengals fan and the man who 'stole' her football at a Saints game have apparently reconciled over beignets.

Tony Williams and his wife, Minnie, were the ones who reached out to WWLTV to find Christa Barrett. They wanted to meet her.

Barrett immediately agreed and they met with hugs and tears at Morning Call in City Park. They shared laughter, stories about family, and even more tears on both sides as they enjoyed beignets and joked about how "famous" they had become—to which Christa had this to say,

The past couple of days have just been so overwhelming and I know for you as well," she told Williams. "And I've just heard so many awful, terrible things from people who have come up and approached me, things you've read on the Internet and I just think it's, I just think it's terrible because I know he doesn't deserve it at all,

The pair received national attention after Williams intercepted a touchdown ball that Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham tossed into the stands—clearly meant for Barrett. Even after she begged and pleaded, Williams refused to give up the ball that we later found out would be going to his 8-year-old grandson.

Barrett was eventually given a ball from the Saints organization, and has also received autographed memorabilia from Gresham in the wake of the incident that some say has been severely over-dramatized since it took place in the third quarter of last week's game.


Some people sided with Williams, saying that the 70-year-old caught the ball fair and square regardless of who it was intended for based on the 'Mardi Gras rule'—meaning after the object was thrown is in the air, it was anyone's game.

Those who side with Williams also believe that his actions were justified being that he was in his seat—a seat at the edge of section 130 that he has sat in as a Saints season-ticket holder since the Superdome opened in 1975.

Many others believe that even though she ran down a few rows from her seat to get the ball, Barrett deserved the keepsake not only because it was clearly intended for her—but it was simply the chivalrous thing to do in terms of common courtesy.

Plain and simple, Saints fans who didn't approve of Williams actions didn't want the behavior of one Who Dat putting a bad mark on the reputation of our fan base—a reputation that fans of opposing teams have held in high regard time and time again after visiting New Orleans over the years.

Even though many believe that Williams' actions may have given Saints fans and the people of New Orleans a bad name, Barrett—a Kentucky transplant who just moved to New Orleans—believes that a moment in time that just happened to be caught on camera doesn't tell the whole story.

I really do hope Monday night, he can sit and enjoy the game. What I've learned of New Orleans this is a great community. Everybody loves each other. Saints fans are amazing. Everybody supports each other. I want the Saints fans to continue supporting him

Drama sells—so I completely understand why this story has gotten so much national attention, but as a season-ticket holding Saints fan myself, my concerns still lie with the lackluster season our team is currently going through.

Now that we've put this story to bed— once and for all—let us get back to standing up and getting crunk in the Dome to our Saints winning football games again.

WHO DAT, baby.

[via WWLTV]