Just a quick warning, do not download Flappy Bird, it's very addictive and will take control of your life. LOL! But, if you have downloaded it here is the best method of beating the flappy bird blues.

If you haven't realized by now that Flappy Bird is near to impossible to beat, then you're addicted to the number one game for your phone. It's always the simplest of games that have you hooked.

Stock Photo/ Speedy

It's a very simple concept. It's a bird and some pipes from Mario Bros. You tap the screen to make the bird fly. If you hit anything or let the bird touch the ground, then you die. Seems simple, RIGHT?  Well, it's not and it will take over your life.

One good thing , the creator of Flappy Bird is getting rid of the game and has pulled the game from the stores today (Feb. 9). But, if you've downloaded it, it's yours forever. You wont get any updates from Flappy Bird.