Have you ever been in a situation where you REALLY didn't want to be associated with a  friend after they did or said something REALLY stupid in public? That's how Flo Rida felt last night after his manager got ejected from last night's Game 7 between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers.

Heat guard Norris Cole and Pacers forward Jeff Pendergraph were both ejected in the fourth quarter of Miami's rout of Indiana during last night's Game 7. According to TNT's Craig Sager, somehow Flo Rida's manager got involved and was tossed as well.

Definitely not a 'Good Feelin.' He sure is a 'Wild One.' That was very 'Low' of him to do that. He made that ref blow his 'Whistle.' I bet Flo Rida wanted to 'Cry.'

Ok, those were all bad jokes. (but great Flo Rida jams)