Police in Melbourne, Florida did their best to NOT play the Christmas Grinch while issuing traffic citations and warnings on Christmas Day. The police officers in Melbourne, Fla. took money out of their own pockets to buy scratch-off lottery tickets and give them to drivers they pulled over during Christmas Day!!!

Police say that they elected to do this in an effort to lighten up the mood on Christmas, even though they were still required to their job. Imagine, you are pulled over by a police officer on Christmas Day and he or she not only gives you a written warning, but they also slide in there a LOTTERY TICKET!!

No word on if anyone who received a lottey ticket won big money, but police in Melbourne do say that they gave out nearly 30 lottery tickets by 1pm on Christmas Day.

I personally think this is really cool. While driving around on Christmas Eve and during Christmas Day, I thought, it must really suck if you're a police officer and you have to give someone a citation on CHRISTMAS DAY!! Well, props to the Melbourne Police Dept. for finding a way to lighten up the mood during the holiday season.