Coach Mark Hudspeth and the UL Ragin' Cajuns are on the forefront of a new trend that is popping off on college practice fields across the country. Coach Hud has hired a DJ, in lieu of a traditional playlist during team practices and according to the back-to-back NOLA Bowl winning Ragin Cajun head coach, it proves results.

I’m a young guy (44) and I wanted to play music at practice,” said Hudspeth, whose favorite song to hear on the field is “Yeah” by Usher. “I would never workout without music.

The Ragin Cajuns DJ is Chris Hilliard, a UL student who goes simply by the name DJ Chris goes to every practice, travels on the team plane and is even in the locker room before, and after games.

After a win it’s just a mosh pit in the middle of the locker room,” Hudspeth said. “I tell DJ Chris to hit it and he cranks it up and it turns into a celebration.

And earlier, when I said the Cajuns were on the forefront of this new trend, it wasn't a typo. It's something that Coach Hud has been doing since Day 1. It seems as if other college football teams are just now jumping onboard and bringing "the juice" to their practice fields. Oregon State and Texas A&M are just a few colleges that have brought DJs into the mix this spring.

All music is clean and edited, and even though most coaches don't recognize any of the songs; playlists that include 2 Chainz, Trinidad James and Lil Wayne have reportedly made practices a lot better. Oregon State running back Storm Woods says there has been a noticeable change in practice since the DJs have taken the field.

At first I started dancing, and then I was shocked,” Woods said. “It made practice more fun, more intense. Guys were flying around. It was a different atmosphere. A better one.

Could this new fad become a recruiting tool? Don't laugh, because recently when A&M brought out DJ Double R to their Friday Night Lights open scrimmage - one prospect was "wowed" when he saw the DJ's sound and light show blasting from the Aggies' 18-wheeler equipment truck at Kyle Field.

Now I know that I need to be on my A-Game if I EVER see Coach Hud in the club!