For the first time in NFL history, there will be no cheerleaders at the Super Bowl. No cheerleaders in the Super Bowl ?? Is this the result of some new rule ? Are the Steelers & Packers cheerleading squads unable to make the trip ? Nope. None of the above. They simply don't have any cheerleaders. The 2011 NFC Champion Green Bay Packers face off in Dallas with the 2011 AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, February 6th, 2011 in Super Bowl XLV and neither team has a cheerleading squad. In fact, they are 2 of the 6 teams in the NFL that don't have cheerleading squads.

I'm a die hard Saints fan, and I really don't have much interest in this Super Bowl, but, no cheerleaders ?? In the Super Bowl ?? Isn't there a pretty popular group of cheerleaders already in Dallas anyway ?? Somebody call Jerry Jones !!!