This story was on TMZ, and it has many of us asking if this is really true. Did former members of the The Outlawz -- Tupac's former rap group --smoke his ashes? According to a video they released, that is so. They claim that they smoked some of his remains, and that his mother was present when they lit it up.However, a family member says that his mother would, "never participate in smoking her son." While the family says that they would not approve such an act, they will not pursue this issue with law enforcement officials at this time.

To think that this MAY have happened is a little disturbing!!! While members of the former group say that they simply wanted to 2Pac to be with them forever through this process, smoking the ashes of a deceased person just isn't cool. Is this a form of respect, or disrespect in your opinion?

VIDEO NSFW (some language):