Whhhhat? Yes, a (now) former school employee was arrested in Herkimer, New York, for having sex with a cow while covered in Jell-O. His buddy was also arrested for filming it...

According to WTNH-TV News 8 in Conn., a farmer became worried when his cows weren’t producing milk and set up hidden cameras to find out why. Well, he found out why for sure. That's when the two men were caught in the act.

Reid Fontaine (the sick-o on the left up there), 31, is a (now) former school employee computer tech. He was the one covered in Jell-O. Michael Jones, 33, was his buddy that was arrested for filming the act.

WTNH-TV News 8 arrived at the scene of the incident as it was happening, stating, “Now when we arrived, one of the men was actively having sex with the cow. His friend who was videotaping the act took off as soon as he seen us arrive.

To make matters worse, the cow was so traumatized that it ran off and was struck by THREE vehicles, where it died in the road.

This story is so bizarre and disgusting, I just...I can't even.

Bill Cosby is rolling over in his grave...the guy's not even dead yet!