A high speed car chase in Phoenix, Ariz. ended with the suspect shooting himself in the head after the man led police on a high speed chase - and it was all aired live on Fox News.

The driver, who's name and condition has not been released, led authorities on a high speed chase traveling at speeds of nearly 100 mph. The entire chase was being recorded by live news helicopters, and as the hour-long pursuit winded down, the suspect drove off of the road, got out of his Dodge Caliber and ran down a dirt road. At one point, he appeared to shoot himself in the head.

Naturally, we don't think that showing you the video here is appropriate, so if you feel the need to search the internet for that, it's your business. What we will show you, is the apology from Fox News anchor Shepard Smith.

I applaud him for this apology, and working in radio, I can totally understand how things like this can happen sometimes. He is right, that didn't belong on television and should not have been aired.

As far as why the high speed chase took place to begin with, the suspect reportedly stole the vehicle and fired shots at officers before the chase.

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