As college students all over the country prepare to return to the campus in the weeks/days ahead, one incoming freshman at Ball State University will not have to worry about his tuition fees for this upcoming semester.  Markus Burden, from Frankfort, Illinois hit a half court shot at Ball State University's "Welcome Event" to win $11,000 free tuition for the semester!!

Watch as he lines himself up perfectly with the goal and then nails a half court shot to win free tuition for a semester. Markus was given four shots and after missing the first three he drained his last shot to win the free tuition. Sure, his fellow student body erupted as soon as the ball went through the rim, but I bet somewhere his parents are screaming/cheering just as loud.

Congratulations to the young man who made this shot, and we certainly hope all of you attending UL-Lafayette and other surrounding schools have a great semester. What a lucky kid, I'm still paying back student loans. If only I was given a shot like this.