Today a collective part of the internet freaked out when they heard about the 'Friends' cast getting back together for a reunion/comeback season. While it would be awesome, it isn't happening -- yet. A source at NBC says despite the web-hoopla surrounding the 'Frieunion,' it's not true, BUT it is something the network has "talked about."

So to all you 'Frienatics' out there -- he's saying there's a CHANCE!

Hehe, I'm not a betting man, but I wouldn't put my money on any type of 'Friends' reunion happening anytime soon. Let's consider the "sources" behind this claim. I'll actually give you two to choose from.

Was it the radio station based out of Tulsa, OK that posted this image on Sunday (Apr. 7). Unfortunately, it's the same image that has been floating around the web for months now, and even got response from friends alum Matthew Perry back in late November. Unfortunately for 'Friends' fans, his response pretty much put the rumor in the trash can.


Or maybe it was the article from Starmedia that started all this. If this is the first time you've heard of the website Starmedia, that in itself should set off your internal credibility-alarm. Here's how they announced the news of what would arguably be the biggest television reunion of all time.

The rumor of a new season for Friends has been surrounding the web for months, but this time is more than a rumor! NBC network has confirmed they will launch a new season of Friends on 2014, it will be about their story in a comeback reunion!

It's still unknown if the original actors will accept NBC's deal, but the dream of "Friends" reunion is closer than ever!

This is way better than just a Thanksgiving special like it was rumored last year!

Are you as excited as we are?

"It's still unknown if the original actors will accept NBC's deal, but the dream of a 'Friends' reunion is closer than ever?" WTF does that even mean? How is NBC "confirming" that they will "launch a new season" of a sitcom that doesn't even have the show's characters on board?

Do I have to remind you that the 'Friends' cast was making around $1 million per episode toward the end of the show's original run in 2004? Imagine what their going price would be this go-round.

And speaking of that cast, they have been pretty vocal about their lack of interest or desire to come back together for any type of 'Friends' reunion. Back in June 2012, Matt LeBlanc voiced his discern, saying a reunion would "let people down" because everyone would have "a different vison" of how those characters would have evolved.

The show's co-producer Kevin S. Bright also stated back in November 2012 that there was "absolutely, 100 percent no talk about a reunion" and also downplayed rumors of a 'Friends' movie.

It was made to be an intimate show in your living room. It wasn't a broader show like many of the comedies today that are shot single-camera. It's wonderful the way it is.

Different members of the 'Friends' cast have appeared on various projects with each other since their finale, but the thought of them reuniting to bring back the sitcom that so many fans still hold near and dear has the entire web-o-sphere in a frenzy, and everyone fan asking themselves the same question: "What if?"

Call me Debbie Downer, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

'Friends' reunion: Good idea? Bad idea? Comment now!