It's nearly impossible to find anyone who does not have an opinion on Drake unless they have never heard of the man. But in a new Funny or Die video, that's exactly what is depicted.

Funny or Die has released a parody of MTV's True Life series with a mock episode called "True Life: I Have No Opinion on Drake." The video shows a man named Dennis who just cannot seem to muster up an opinion on Drake.

"I don't love him or hate him, or even like him or dislike him," Dennis says. "I'm completely neutral on him I every way."

Dennis explains that his condition results in people assuming he is some type of music snob who has no time for pop artists, but he explains that he has lots of opinions on the likes of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill.

Things in Dennis' life are made more difficult as he writes for a site called Starzone, which is similar to TMZ. With Drake's name constantly in the news, Dennis cannot avoid him. And when the staff goes to him for a take on Drake, the results are disastrous. Dennis even has problems with his girlfriend over the matter.

The video comes to a comical conclusion as Dennis finally has a breakthrough and reacts positively towards Drake. It just so happens that this comes after news is revealed of Drake clubbing seals with Jared Fogle and Bill Cosby.

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