The 'Harlem Shake' has been the clear front runner when it comes to viral fads as of late, but a new fad by the name of 'Gallon Smashing' claims to best the zany dance craze. The only problem is, while it is incredibly hilarious to watch - it's pretty awful.

It is exactly what it sounds like. First, you must make sure you have 2 gallons of milk (or any other liquid in a gallon); one in each hand. Then, you must jump and flail wildly in the air causing the gallons to go flying as you purposely fall to the ground. At that point, the next step is to groan and wallow in whatever liquids have, by that point, spilled all over the ground.

Sounds pretty awful right? That's because it is. As of right now, it seems that the only three kids featured in the video are the ones doing it; but with over 300,000 views, I have a feeling we will see copycat videos start to pop up as self-proclaimed 'Gallon Smashers' try to one-up each other.

You may be tired of planking, Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake; but at least there was no vandalism or spilled milk necessary to participate. Yuck.

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