Few things in recent memory have captured the nation's attention like the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin story. In the wake of the verdict, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have been saturated with pictures, stories, and rants regarding all parties involved. With this massive influx of information and sharing, confusion, like what has resulted with the photo below, was bound to occur.

Trayvon Martin/The Game Hoax

The photo above is currently being circulated as an accurate depiction of Trayvon Martin before his ultimate confrontation with George Zimmerman. The photo however is actually an image of rapper and actor Jayceon Terrell Taylor, best known by his stage name The Game.

How did a photo of The Game end up in all of this? According to Snopes,

The confusion apparently came about because [The Game's] photo was being used to accompany articles in which he commented on the Trayvon Martin shooting, and someone later erroneously conflated his image with Trayvon's name.

For more on this story, check out Snopes.com.